Optimizing high demand, Choice Transitions provides sellers in qualified, prime location areas drastically reduced, and potentially eliminated, commissions. With the PRIME CHOICE solution, Choice experts perform an evaluation to identify the right buyers willing to submit the best offers for premium practice locations. That includes the willingness to pay all, or a portion, of the seller’s commission as well. And unlike many of our competitors who are dual-rep companies, Choice's sole fiduciary responsibility is to our sellers.

Prime Choice was created as a result of prior sales experiences where we have seen, first-hand, buyers competing to win our practices located within high demand areas. Our ability to create competition within these premium locations is a direct benefit to our sellers, securing them top dollar, and at a significantly reduced commission. Choice ensures a successful and profitable transition so you can focus on what’s most important…. your future.


Explore innovative CHOICES today by calling 877-365-6786 to speak to a dental practice transition professional, or share some information to get started on your future. All inquiries are highly confidential.

If this choice is not for you, check out DSO Choice and  Traditional Choice.