Pre-Qualify for Practice Acquisition Financing

Being pre-qualified for financing puts a buyer in a stronger position for several reasons.  First, it clarifies your "borrowing power" so you know how much you have to work with when looking at available practices.  Second, it can save a lot of time and expense from negotiating a purchase in good faith and then finding out you can't qualify for the required amount.    Finally, a seller will perceive far more value in a prequalified offer versus a non-qualified offer, providing more leverage and certainty to the purchasing process.

Pre-Qualify Today to apply with one, several, or all of our Preferred Lenders to receive a no-obligation loan pre-qualification so you can go into negotiations with peace of mind and certainty about your purchasing capabilities.


A Few Words About the Preferred Lenders

Many buyers are unsure which lenders are the most competitive, offering the best rates and terms for their financing needs.  Based on prior experience, we have compiled a "Preferred Lender" list derived from past buyers who reported positive feedback after utilizing the services of one of the lenders on this list.  In addition to buyer feedback, we also factor in our own experience in dealing with the lenders and their ability to get a loan approved, and in a timely manner.

Each lender offers an array of loan options to buyers with interest rates and loan terms varying slightly.  Most offer buyers 100% financing plus working capital with ranging loan terms of 5, 7, 10, or 15 years depending on the buyer’s needs and credit.