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Provides dentists with comparative DSO choices that offer the highest purchase price, the best fit based on needs, and the most desirable post-closing employment terms - commission free. DSO Choice saves time and money by handling all of the preliminary leg work, while allowing dentists to focus on what matters - dentistry.

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Dear Dan,  Now that the dust has begun to settle a bit, I just wanted to take a moment to extend my utmost gratitude to you for your professionalism and knowledge when leading me along the way of transitioning my practice. It was a giant undertaking for me and really quite scary; I didn’t want my patients and team to be treated any differently than I treat them, yet I was personally at a point where I needed to do something to make my family and treating my patients my focus and not managing a dental practice.  From our very first telephone conversation, you had me at ease and flawlessly began to lead me on this journey. You listened to me and what I wanted for my practice, my patients, my work family and my personal family and led me down the appropriate path to be able to still do what I love: be a Mom, wife, a daughter, a friend and a dentist!!!
Damn, you knew the field well!!!  There were many options available to me to drop the management piece and you quickly set up 3 very viable interviews for potential buyers that were best-suited to assume the management side for me and also give me the opportunity to start my journey toward a solid retirement.  Every step of the way, you were a solid advocate and explained what I could expect as the next steps would unfold.  In a very professional manner, you worked with me and our buyer to negotiate all items while working with our attorneys and accountant.  At the end of the day, I ended up with a fantastic opportunity to help realize all of my goals while keeping my office and team in a top-notch company and not folded into the typical DSO mix.  This was all possible because you listened to me and quickly learned a lot about my practice and how it operates above and beyond the numbers.
My first call to you was May 2 and the final close was August 14 with everyone very happy when we finally reached the finish line.  This was quick and painless as it could possibly have been.  My husband and I always felt able to reach out to you with any issue or question, no matter how petty it may have been.  You will never fully understand the difference you made in this process.           With all my gratitude, Tina Theroux, DMD

Tina Theroux, DMD MA
Competition for Your Practice

DSO qualifying practices are in high demand, and the DSOs are committed to acquiring your practice rather than losing it to another DSO. We introduce your practice to several DSOs in order to create competition, to generate the highest sale price, and to secure the best post-sale compensation and benefit packages for you.

Commission Free

We negotiate the highest sale prices in the industry, commission free to our Seller. Some of our competitors may try to convince you that it’s not really commission free because we are being paid by the DSO. That is simply not true. A commission is a one-time expense to the DSO, and not a recurring expense affecting the EBITDA calculations used to determine the sale price. The proof is in the pudding. We have been engaged by some sellers, after receiving their “best offer” from another DSO, and have successfully secured higher offers, commission free.

No Risk

Let Choice do all the leg work for you - risk free. It is very timely and costly for you to interview numerous DSOs and to prepare the marketing materials they request for review. It is even more confusing trying to understand all the different DSO models and post-closing structures. We will present you with the DSO options that best fit your needs and goals. If you are not satisfied with their offer, or you decide the DSO structure is not the right fit for you, there is no cost or obligation to continue.

Monitor Your DSO Options

Our job is to continually analyze the DSOs models, to monitor who is offering the best overall package, and to negotiate the best deal for our clients.

  • Just because your colleague sold to a specific DSO, does not mean that that is the best choice for you. The DSO market is constantly changing.
  • There are several long-established DSOs, as well as many new DSOs who have entered the marketplace with models for post-closing structure that are very seller friendly, and who are paying multiples higher than ever before. Many offering ownership or equity opportunity for additional future gain.
  • With so many DSOs competing, and so many different models to choose from, we have discovered that the offer price and post-closing packages often vary depending on location and timing. Therefore, DSO Brand “A” may have the best offer/fit in one month, but DSO Brand “B” may offer the best overall package the next month.