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DSO Choice

Dental Service Organizations (DSO) are one of the fastest growing industries acquiring dental practices throughout the country.  However, no two DSOs are the same.  Each offer unique buy-outs as to purchase price, payment terms at closing, hold-backs, handling of leases or real estate, post-closing employment terms, required length of owner’s post-sale employment, as well as many other significant contractual considerations.  Dealing with just one or two on your own can be overwhelming and time consuming, let alone trying to locate and investigate several potential suitors.

DSO Choice saves you time and money by handling all of the preliminary leg work, while allowing you to focus on what matters - dentistry. DSO Choice provides dentists with comparative DSO choices that offer the highest purchase price by creating competition, the best fit based on your transitional needs, and the most desirable post-closing employment terms – all commission free.

  • I used Choice Transitions to sell my dental practice to a DSO. They were with me every step of the way. They answered all my questions via phone, email, and text in a timely manner. I would not recommend anyone try selling to a DSO on their own. Choice’s program saved me valuable time which allowed me to focus on my practice. Their program, which requires the DSOs to pay a commission, saved me tens of thousands of dollars. I felt Choice was not all about the commission, but truly cared about me and my family and our success with the transition as well as our future. 

    Dr. Tim McAdams MA

Explore innovative CHOICES today by calling 877-365-6786 to speak to a dental practice transition professional, or share some information to get started on your future. All inquiries are highly confidential.

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