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Another Choice Transitions innovation – a Hybrid product that offers our sellers the opportunity to explore all possible options by marketing the dental practice to both Traditional and DSO buyer networks. This hybrid option creates maximum exposure for our clients, with the potential to have all or a portion of the commission paid by the DSO.

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Dear Scott, Just a note to thank you so much for all your work on the sale of my office. You made it much easier and quicker than I could ever have imagined. This was due to your complete control over every step of the proceedings. Also your calm demeanor and total knowledge of all aspects of the sale of the practice and the real estate made the sale go flawlessly. Sharon would also like to express her gratitude for your handling of everything. She said you made her life much easier by keeping me care free during the entire process. Hope to keep in touch while I enter a new phase of life in retirement. Thanks so much again.

John A. Collins, DDS Bellingham, MA
Qualify for DSO Purchase

Not all practices qualify for DSO purchase and therefore would normally be turned down by most, if not all DSOs. But often we have the ability to combine practices with other similar sized practices to allow the seller to then become a DSO qualifying practice, or to merge into an existing DSO owned practice, leading to a higher sale price and commission free.

Reduced Commission Rate

With Choice, it's not all or nothing! Since not all practices qualify for our DSO product, and therefore would normally be subject to a full commission rate by us or any other broker, we have created middle ground. This product reduces the commission paid by the seller, dollar for dollar, for whatever amount we can negotiate a buyer/DSO to contribute towards the commission.

Expanded Buyer Network

Expands the buyer pool to include both traditional buyers and DSOs in order to generate the most interest, which then leads to the best possible price and structure.