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Choice Transitions' experts provide an unparalleled level of service to implement a successful transition plan for your dental practice. Our core expertise includes: practice appraisals, negotiating on your behalf with the purchaser, and purchaser’s advisors, providing you with a vast buyers’ network to secure the highest purchase prices, and maximizing patient and staff retention, while minimizing your tax liabilities.

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Choice prides itself on its reputation for knowledge, service, and especially results.

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“I'd like to thank Dr. Bacon and Choice Transitions for their guidance in the transition of my practice. To sell or not is the most difficult decision a practitioner of 35 years has to make. My wife and I had dinner with a local dentist who had transitioned his practice a couple years ago using Dr. Bacon and Choice Transitions. While the company is in Rhode Island, Fred is local and that was a huge deciding factor for me. I'd been led to believe it might take a year to find a qualified buyer. Once I completed my homework, got the needed info to Choice Transitions to do the practice analysis, they put the practice on the market in August. We received 2 legitimate offers within a week. If this is where you are in your career, it's certainly worth spending 30 minutes meeting with Fred.”                    Dr. Pat Barnes

Pat Barnes, DDS TN
One of the Nation's Most Experienced Brokers
  • Over 30 years experience selling dental practices exclusively
  • Time tested successful brokers unlike many new fly by night wanna be’s entering into brokering with little to no experience
  • We have put together a team of experienced representatives with relevant backgrounds to the dental transition market such as attorneys, cpa’s, dentists, finance, sales and consulting
No Conflicts of Interest

Our sole fiduciary duty is to our client, the seller, and our only goal is to get our client the best deal - period! Selling dental practices is all we do. This is where we differ significantly from many of our competitors who are either:

  • Dual Representation Brokerage Firms. Requiring commissions from both the seller and the buyer while representing both sides. That would be like a lawyer prosecuting and defending a client in the same case. A major conflict of interest.
  • Equipment & Supply Companies with in-house brokerage firms. Their "bread and butter" is the sale of dental equipment and supplies. Their underlying goal is to replace the seller with a buyer that will continue to purchase all supplies and equipment, where they make their annual profits, from them for the next 20-30 years, rather than finding the seller the best buyer or the best deal. The seller may not even be introduced to buyers purchasing from other competitors. A major conflict of interest.
  • Accounting Firms with in-house brokering. This is a recent trend, and is possibly the biggest conflict of interest of all. How can an accountant truly look out for the best interest of its client, the seller, when evaluating an offer, if they have a risk of losing a potentially significant commission?
Innovative Marketing Technology

Choice has invested and continues to dedicate a significant amount of money to the continual development of its interactive website in order to maintain a state of the art experience such as:

  • 3D virtual tours of our listings
  • Immediate access to marketing packages by pre-qualified and approved candidates
  • Internal tracking reports on the number of candidates investigating our listings
  • Fully automated DocuSign technology
  • Seller portal to monitor status of listing