Traditional Choice

For over two decades, National Practice Transitions (NPT) expert consultants have guided hundreds of dentists through the complex process of selling their practice. We successfully closed 99% of the transitions we’ve handled and have a 100% success rate in that we have never had a buyer fail or default.  We proudly succeed by ensuring we carefully match our sellers with buyers that best fit our client’s transitional goals and objectives.

Unfortunately, not all practices are located within high demand areas with large buyer pools, or are a fit for the DSO purchase model.  In fact, most are not.  Choice Transitions continues to offer those sellers looking to sell their practices the same superior traditional brokerage services we have always provided including: in-depth appraisals, sales, negotiations, tax structuring to minimize tax liabilities, and consulting strategies for patient and staff retention.

Our goal is to provide practice owners with the maximum fair market value along with access to the largest, up-to-date database of potential buyers looking to purchase within their geographical area.

  • Dr. Bacon and Choice Transitions guided me through several options and found the best candidate to take over my practice during very uncertain times. I appreciate the fact that he allowed me to decide what was best for me, just as an experienced and knowledgeable dentist would do for their patient. I highly recommend having a conversation with Dr. Bacon if you are considering selling your practice.

    Chris Anderson, DDS Coffee County, TN
  • “I cannot thank you enough for making the sale of my practice such a seamless process. Your knowledge and guidance were invaluable! I highly recommend Dr. Bacon and the entire team at Choice Transitions!”

    Marilyn Phillips, DDS Fayette County, TN
  • “I recently sold my dental practice with the aid and assistance of Dr. Bernie Kowalski and Choice Transitions. I wish to compliment their entire team for job well done! From my initial conversation through closing Bernie was an honest, caring, extremely knowledgeable professional, and just about the nicest man you could have the pleasure to meet. On several occasions, he came to my practice promptly, met with both the buyer and me, and put me at ease. He responded to phone calls, texts, and emails throughout the process in a very timely manner, and was highly instrumental in navigating all of the myriad of details that go along with the sale of a dental practice. Who knew there was so much detail involved? He was able to move the sale along nicely, (until the lawyers got involved), and even then kept me on an even keel with his understanding, answers to all of my questions and even some self-induced anxieties. I am certain I made the right decision to work with Choice. I highly recommend Bernie and the entire team in general for their dedication and attention to detail.”

    Guy Henry, DDS Atlantic County, NJ
  • “I'd like to thank Dr. Bacon and Choice Transitions for their guidance in the transition of my practice. To sell or not is the most difficult decision a practitioner of 35 years has to make. My wife and I had dinner with a local dentist who had transitioned his practice a couple years ago using Dr. Bacon and Choice Transitions. While the company is in Rhode Island, Fred is local and that was a huge deciding factor for me. I'd been led to believe it might take a year to find a qualified buyer. Once I completed my homework, got the needed info to Choice Transitions to do the practice analysis, they put the practice on the market in August. We received 2 legitimate offers within a week. If this is where you are in your career, it's certainly worth spending 30 minutes meeting with Fred.”                    Dr. Pat Barnes

    Pat Barnes, DDS TN
  • Dan, I want to thank you for your invaluable assistance in the sale of my practice.  As a repeat client, I can say that you have consistently been tireless in your efforts to connect me to the right people to create a win/win agreement.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Choice Transitions to anyone contemplating a practice transition of their own. 

    Jack Paquette, DMD Kent County, RI

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