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Do I need to hire an attorney when I sell my practice?


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Today's topic: Do I need to hire an attorney when I sell my practice?

While it is not a legal requirement to hire an attorney when selling a dental practice, it is highly recommended to seek professional legal advice to protect your interests, and ensure a smooth transaction.  Selling a dental practice involves complex legal, financial, and contractual considerations that can have long-term implications. An attorney experienced in dental practice sales can provide valuable guidance and expertise throughout the process.

Since selling a dental practice involves drafting and negotiating various contracts and agreements, such as the asset purchase agreement, non-compete agreement, and lease agreement, an attorney can prepare or review those documents, ensuring they are fair, accurate, and in your best interest.

In addition, if any disputes or disagreements arise during the sale process, an attorney can act as your advocate and help negotiate a fair resolution.

Hiring an attorney specializing in dental practice sales can provide you with peace of mind, minimize legal risks, and ensure a successful and legally sound transaction.

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