Reinventing Your Transition Choices

Our parent company, National Practice Transitions (NPT), while providing full consulting and brokerage services over the past two decades, recognized that the marketplace was evolving.  As a result, we reinvented the choices that are typically available to dentists looking to transition their practices by creating Choice Transitions.

Our philosophy has always been to listen to our client’s needs, follow the market trends and create the best solutions to reach their goals.

Our new transition services offer dentists innovative options that go beyond traditional services and in many cases, offer the seller commission free sales.

Choice Transitions was created to save practice owners time, money and stress by designing unique programs that no other broker is currently offering.

Life is about CHOICES! Let Choice Transitions help you make the right one for your practice.

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Provides dentists with comparative DSO choices that offer the highest purchase price, the best fit based on needs, and the most desirable post-closing employment terms - commission free. DSO Choice saves time and money by handling all of the preliminary leg work, while allowing dentists to focus on what matters - dentistry.

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Choice Transitions experts provide an unparalleled level of service with practice appraisals, negotiations and sales to secure the highest purchase prices, maximize patient and staff retention, minimize tax liabilities, and implement a successful transition plan.

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Optimizing high demand, Choice provides sellers in qualified/prime locations with drastically reduced, and potentially eliminated, commissions by requiring the buyer to share in the expense of the sale.  Choice ensures a successful and profitable transition so you can focus on what’s most important…. your future.

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Recent Sales & Transitions

We are please to announce we have successfully sold the practices of:

Mark Haims, DMD -to- Alyssa Kievit, DMD (Hartford, CT) 

Roy A. Lindblad, DDS, LLC -to- Farmington Dental Arts, PLLC (Hartford, CT)

Charles E. Harding, DMD -to- Sandip Ladani, DMD (Lehigh, PA)

John R. Paquette, DMD -to- Munal Salem, DMD (Kent, RI)

Michael J. Bone, DMD, PC -to- Jason J. Hanyon, DMD (Lackawanna, PA)

Michael Rowland, DDS -to- Tejas Patel, DDS (Lehigh, PA)

Andrew J. Krantz, DDS, PC -to- Gabriel Mancuso, DMD (Centre, PA)

Jeffrey S. Warren, DMD -to- Jack Vayner, DDS, PC (Fairfield, CT)

John O. Eastman, DDS -to- Justin W. Shalghalian, DDS (Providence, RI) 

Joseph G. Wolfe, DDS -to- Rachel Kendall, DMD (Fulton, PA)

Donna D. Alexander, DDS -to- Patel & Associates, PLLC (Fredell, NC)

Walter F. King, DDS, LLC -to- Maher Hanna, DDS (Monmouth, NJ)

Graham Hall Morris, DDS -to- Mark Whitlock, DDS (Shelby, TN)

Thomas Madara, DMD -to- Sirisha Paluri, DDS (Northampton, PA)

Bruce R. Schechter, DDS -to- J Rapha Family Dental, PC (New Haven, CT)

Stanley H. Kessler, DDS -to- Rejuvenate Dental Arts, PC (Fairfield, CT)

William Schmid Jr., DMD -to- Dr. Glenn MacFarland (Fairfield, CT)

Estate of Gary Williams, DMD -to- David Hadain, DMD (Northampton, PA)

Erik A. Watson, DDS -to- Shelby Dene Blaylock, DDS (Shelby, TN) 

James E. Byers, DMD -to- Derek M. Cornetta, DDS (Bristol, MA)

Kim Chau, DMD -to- Paul Kang, DMD (Middlesex, MA)

Vannah E. Nantz, DDS -to- Angy Mounir-Toufil, DMD (Montgomery, OH)

John G. Hasbrouck, DDS -to- Absolute Smile, (Montgomery, OH)



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